Branding Identity Design & Conceptualisation, Vector Illustration,

Specialised Print Design, Interior Design Conceptualisation, Packaging Design Conceptualisation


Based on the idea of creating a second opportunity for those existing in the justice system, SecondCrack Coffee is a brand with the initiative of uplifting and rehabilitating ex-convicts through the coffee-making industry. Using the life patterns of a Phoenix to demonstrate the process of this company's work, the symbol of this mystical creature omits its whimsical, organic personality and is instead solidified by bold colours and vector illustration. Using fire, ash and smoke to inspire the colour palette, this brand pays tribute to the coffee-making process as well as the idea of being reborn from darkness. A non-profit project with an insightful approach to rehabilitation, this brand offers a second chance by teaching a new, competitive skill set to those re-entering society.