Branding Identity Design & Conceptualisation,

Custom Illustration, Event Artwork Design


Motivational speaker, business executive and IT specialist, Noma Gigaba has made her mark on the upliftment of South African education and women's empowerment through the establishment of the Noma Gigaba Foundation. With a range of initiatives and a team of like-minded colleagues by her side, Noma takes a hands-on approach to empowering the youth of South Africa. The South African spirit of Ubuntu, (translated to the term "I am because we are") runs powerfully through Noma's talks and workshops where she embraces well-known public figures to give back and lead by example. As this is a brand with a personal approach, hand-sketched imagery is used to make up it's identity, depicting the physical upliftment of children through education. The Noma Gigaba Foundation is growing from strength to strength, enabling a powerful and prosperous new generation in South Africa.