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I'm Sarah-May - a crafting enthusiast with chocoholic tendencies, perpetually ink-stained fingers and an affinity for good-looking, clever brands. Born and raised in sunny South Africa, I've had the pleasure of working on some meaningful projects with some incredible people - and I'm just getting started.


This little hub is a collection of all the juicy projects I've developed throughout my experience - from studying the art of Creative Brand Communications, to working as Lead Branding Designer at BrandBird Marketing Solutions, and independently designing and nurturing brands in London as PardonMay Visual Communications for companies like Bauer Media and Oasis. These past few years have lead me to love effectively developing beautiful brands that aim to activate change.


Whether it be custom illustration, artwork for a fresh start-up, or a facelift needed to revive a long-loved brand persona, the core of these brand developments is to imagine uniquely, create experiences, and, if possible, leave the world a little bit better off than when we arrived.



about these brands

When designing a brand or it's collateral, I aim to take a comprehensive approach by delivering a       fully-equipped identity from brand guidelines to stationery and website elements. This online portfolio showcases projects that make up my personal portfolio of work, with both independent brands and client brands of companies I have worked with, such as BrandBird Marketing Solutions and Bauer Media, UK. Each project holds a meaningful purpose and I have had the pleasure of working alongside some skilled marketers, writers and web developers throughout my experience.  


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South Africa  |  United Kingdom